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Bost Chiropractic strives to provide you the best pain relief services that you can find. Our Oklahoma City chiropractor offers a variety of techniques for long-term health improvement and symptom relief.

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A Brief Bio of our Doctors

Meet Dr. Leslie Bost, our house chiropractor. She first took up studying in this field after a car accident numbed her arm and limited her range of motion until she sought her own chiropractic treatment. After a series of sessions, she regained use of her arm and went on to secure a degree. She employs numerous techniques that provide stimulation to the muscles, nerves, and joints for thorough relief and well-being improvement.

Areas We Serve 

Our Bost Chiropractic clinic is located on West 89th Street in Oklahoma City. We serve Moore, Tuttle, Mustang, Union City, Bethany, Choctaw and other nearby communities and welcome new patients.

Summary of Services

Dr. Leslie Bost provides relief using spinal realignment on both adults and children. This includes adjusting the vertebrae to relieve neck and back pain or head injuries. Our other Oklahoma City methods include services that provide tension relief and muscle relaxation along with spinal decompression for additional pressure alleviation and inflammation reduction.

We also help strengthen the muscles, joints and soft tissue that surrounds the bones for improving range of motion. Various muscle and nerve stimulation services we provide also help eliminate numbness, tingling, or other symptoms.

To further explain, examples of specialized services include as follows:

Diversified – These are quick, shallow thrusts typically associated with chiropractic care.

Thompson – Our chiropractor can change the table angle to minimize force while providing symptom relief.

Activator – When using certain adjusting instruments, it provides advanced spinal alignment accuracy.

Accu-stim – Using this device, we provide the right adjustment speed for correcting spinal issues or other musculoskeletal problems.

Active Release Technique – Your Oklahoma City chiropractor can isolate pain areas and break down scar tissue using both adjustment and physical therapy.

Conditions We Treat

We offer chiropractic care to anyone who may have lower back pain after a slip and fall, following a car accident, or due to a herniated disc. In addition, we offer cervical spinal adjustments to people who may have neck pain or shoulder stiffness. Any condition that resulted in a tear, strain, dislocation, or sprain is one for which we provide corrective exercises and chiropractic adjustments for pain relief.  

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If you want relief that your Oklahoma Bost Chiropractic clinic can provide, please request an appointment online. You also can call us at (405) 691-3838 to schedule a time to meet with us or just to ask questions.



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Reviews From our Satisfied Patients

  • "Very easy to make an appointment. I was in so much pain on my lower right side went in and came out like i had nothing and it was my first time ever really great service and Dr. Bost was very nice and polite."
    Anahi M.
  • "Dr. Bost is amazing!! In just two visits, I feel fantastic. She's thorough and quick. Can't wait to go back again."
  • "No bullcrap chiropractic. I love Dr. Bost. Very down to earth without all the ludicrously expensive add-ons you typically see at other chiropractics. Listens to her patients, staff is great and is very affordable."
    Ray C.

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